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filter.page.publish=Publish pages by clicking on the "New post" button at the top of the window then writing your page...
filter.page.select=... then select "Page" as the publishing type. Then click on "Publish". Your content will then be displayed as a page.
filter.manual=Need help? <a class="js-OB-Wizard__manual" href="@@url@@" target="_blank">the Overblog user manual</a> is at your disposal.
text.submitted=View here your contributions as a writer, and the ones from your Blog collaborators.<br/>You can invite people to collaborate via Manage > Settings > Manage Users.
text.scheduled=Schedule your posts to publish them later. Choose the date on the right hand side of your publication screen.
text.draft=Save your posts and pages as drafts in order to work on them later!
title.step1=First step
subtitle.step1=Fill in your details
title.step2=Second step

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